Friday, January 4, 2013

It's a tough road, but I can do it

Not only is losing weight is tough, but changing your way of eating and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle is tough as well.  This is only the beginning for me.  I just started, but I can already tell that my body is telling me "where is are the sweets, just let me have one, c'mon just one".  "C'mon one Dr. Pepper, I won't tell"  I'm not trying to go "COLD TURKEY" here, but I'm really trying to do my best to "stay away" just for a few days to change the way I am eating.  Let's face it, I  LOVE my sweets.  I don't over eat, I'm not a little piggie or anything, I just LOVE sweets!  ;) 

I figure, If I re-look at the way I am eating, start eating more fruits and veggies, more baked chips instead of regular chips, I will get used to it.  I will be able to have that "once in a while sweet that I just adore" but not all the time and still feel good about myself. 

This is a new beginning for myself.  I don't expect to look like a supermodel or anything ( of course that would be ok if it happened LOL), but I just want to know that I am healthy and that most importantly that I feel good about myself!  Isn't that the two most important things anyways!!!

I have been down this road before ( a couple of times, I'll be honest) and actually I would like this to be the last time I take this step.  I would like to take this step and just keep on stepping, keep on going....  I want this year to be THE YEAR!  I know that I can do it, I just need to be strong!  I know that once I see the improvements, that will be the motivation that will keep me going!  I did step on the scale this morning and I am down 3 pounds!  Hey 3 pounds is better than no pounds right?  This is a start!  I was happy!

I was happy to know that I lost the three pounds doing it on my own, no counting points, calories or anything, just eating right and exercising.  I stripped our pantry and fridge of all junk foods ( that I could, did leave a little for the kids ( like fruit snacks, gold fish, stuff like that, my kids actually do not care for a lot of junk food).   I stocked up on "real foods" Lots of healthy meals! 

Looking forward to the next few months to see what the days bring...

Happy Blogging,


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Here we go.....

It's Wed, January 2nd.  The new year has begun and today I had a few hours to myself, so I cleaned, dusted, vacuumed, did all laundry, made me a yummy lunch that consisted of a very good grilled cheese sandwich w/tomato ( my fav.) and watched Cheer Mom's on TLC.  But most importantly I cleaned out our pantry and fridge. ( from top to bottom).  Tomorrow is the day I go "monthly" grocery shopping and I am going to be filling both up with heatlhy, natural foods!!!! 

It has begun...A new year means a new me, a new us!!!! ( my family)  We eat out way way too much ( not because I do not like to cook, we are just too darn busy), but this is all about to change.  I am excited to start the new year with eating better.  I know this is going to make me become a healthier me, and hey if I become a size 2 in the mean time, then that will be great too.  HA! ;)

Happy Blogging,


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My New Year's Resolution of 2013'

Wow! 2013' is here!  I can't believe it, It feels like we just celebrated New Year's last year.  Last night we spent ringing in the new year with the kiddos.  It was fun...We surprised them with a trip to Fudrucker's for dinner ( they love their shakes), we came home and decorated cupcakes.  They looked and smelled so yummy and good!  We played games...Dance Central Xbox Kinect, Apples 2 Apples and Sorry Sliders.

We watched some of the NY Timesquare, saw Taylor Swift, Justin Beber and more.  Tons of great music.

We all made it and stayed up till midnight.  The kids yelled "HAPPY NEW YEAR" outside the back  door ( thats our tradition, they do it every year), then it was off to snooze land.  We had a fun family night saying goodbye to 2012 and hello to 2013!  We had a great 2012 year and I can not wait to see what 2013 brings! 

Today we had our New Year's Day lunch at my dads with the family.  OMG, they served pork tenderloin, rice, broccoli cassarole, corn bread ( I made the bread) and of course my peas. My kids love them too so it wasn't hard to get them to eat some, and dessert that was chocolate pecan pie. ( I did good, I skipped out on the pie).  It was a nice visit and a wonderful first 2013 lunch! 

 We came home and now Chad and I are in our recliners relaxing watching football.  It's not New Year's without seeing a few games!

Now onto the ReSoLuTiOnS...... ( Da Da Da Da DAAAAA).... ;)

Last night we all sat down together and I wrote down each of our New Year's Resolutions.  It was fun listening to what the kids had to say.  I have to say, Chance told us one of his that melted my heart! Love it!!!!

I decided that this year I was going to make "Smart Resolutions".  No need to make a long long list, I just picked a few that I know I want to keep and know that these are ones that can be accomplished...

My 2013' New Year's Resolutions!

*Get in shape.  This is one that I have almost every year, but its not all about being the "smallest, or wear a small size"  I am going to work on this for "ME"!  I want to be healthy and to remain to have a healthy lifestyle. 

*Cook more at home.  This one is actually getting better, but we still eat out quite a bit ( who doesn't anymore) but I plan to work out a good system where when we are busy, we still eat a balanced meal and not something with the two words... "FAST FOOD" 

Well that is resolutions for the new year!  I know I can do it and I hope to write on this at the end of this year to see that I did accomplish these!  I know I can....I know I can.... ;)

Hope everyone is having a great and wonderful start to the new year. 

Until next time....

Happy Blogging,


Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year's Eve

As we are upon the last day of 2012!  I am looking forward to seeing what 2013' brings.   But first we feel that we need to get our "New Year's Resolutions" in order and making sure that we stick with them.  As like (most) the one resolution that tops my list is to "lose weight" Blah, Blah, Blah.... ;)  Well with that still on my list, I have some other resolutions that I want to stick with and conquer!

Please stay tuned as I share my "New Year's Resolutions of 2013".  As for now I hope everyone has a safe and fun time tonight ringing in the new year! 

Happy Blogging,


Saturday, December 29, 2012

A long over-due vacation

Wow!  I can not believe that the last blog that I wrote was in March.  Where did the rest of last school year go and our summer go.  Well let me do a quick re-cap....The kids graduated from 2nd. and 4th. grade!  (boo-hoo, my babies are growing up too fast!)  On the last day of school, Megan recieved a certificate for A Honor Roll for the entire school year! {"Whoop-Whoop"!!!  Chance started his summer baseball, where the team ended in 2nd. for the summer!  Another "Whoop-Whoop"!! 

After baseball season, we took the kids to Sea World and Schliterbaugh - Awesome mini trip!!! We all had a blast.  It was so nice to just "get away" and spend time with one another.

The rest of the summer we just R&R'd at the pool, home and just chilled!  In August, Chancer turned nine years old.  I thought it would be so fun to have his first "big" sleep-over.  OMG!  ( it was pretty fun) but we had a total of 12 boys!  I think that was quite many!  lol!!!!  What most importantly was that Chance had a blast!

School then started and I can't tell you how sad I was to see Megan enter the 5th. grade hall!  I can't believe this will be her last year in ELEM! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!  ;)  She has a great teacher and has a lot of friends that are in her class.  She is having one of the best years, so we are glad at that!  Chance is upstairs now in the 3rd. grade hall and has a great teacher as well!  I can't tell you how proud we are of him, he has just blossomed this year, really coming out of his shell!  So great!!!!

Chance had his first fall season of Kid Pitch, and he did ( and team) so great!  Came out with a semi-final win, which is totally awesome for the team's first year of play with this season!  Megan is now on I-Team in Star Dancer's and is loving it.  They are getting ready to start competitions, which will start at the end of Jan.  They are going to do so good! 

November came around and Megan turned eleven years old...  We took her up to Dallas to shop at the American Girl Store!  I am in total Awe everytime we go!  She loved it and had so much fun and walked out of there with two new dolls, clothes and accessories. 

December has already come and gone and we all had a wonderful Christmas!  We hosted Christmas Eve at our home and my brother hosted Christmas Day at his home.  I love to get together with family!  Means so much!  Santa Claus was so good to the kids, they enjoyed everything that they recieved!  We are truly blessed!

Wow!  There is much more in between that has gone on, but this was a little over-view!  I am excited to start the New Year 2013' with a brand new start on our "Family Blog" with lots of excitement, pictures and fun new weekly posts.

Well until next time...

Happy Blogging,


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It's official

Well.. we have a visitor that came to visit my kiddos this week.... It's name is "FLU" ( not the visitor I or my family was looking forward to)

Monday night we took Megan in to the afterhours clinic as she was really not feeling well and her temp would not break 102' after spending more than a hour there we were told she tested positive for the flu.

Today, Chance woke up really tired, coughing and had a fever of 101, so I decided to take him into our pedi to get checked out and hoping that his was just a cold, but after they did the flu test ( which is not fun) it came back positive as well.

I'm not really sure where we caught this nasty bug, but I am hoping for a quick recovery for them. It's not fun seeing your children not feel good, having bad headaches, high fevers or just not acting themselves.

I have been cleaning everything and we have a new bottle of Lysol on hand that has been sprayed on everything in the house ( even the curtains) I plan on knocking this visitor out fast!

So we are going to make the next few days while were inside at home a fun one. ( if they are up to it). We are picking out Red Box movies, playing board games, playdough...

Happy Blogging,


Monday, March 12, 2012

Sickness please go away!

I am ready for the weather to be more consistant, I mean I'm not ready for the 112' weather, but this 50' degrees one day and 80' degrees another is getting ridiculous! We haven't cracked yet, but this weather is making sickness around here.

Sometimes I wonder can a house be "Too Clean", are we using germy gels too much or are we "Lysoling" everything too much? Can being too clean make you get sick more often? Well I'm starting to wonder because we have one that is under the weather right now again. ( It came on around lunch time today) It seems like we can't get rid of these germs.

I dislike it when my children are sick, sometimes there is nothing you can do. I feel helpless sometimes when you go to the Dr. and they say it's viral, no meds! Ugh!!!

Well hopefully this will past very soon! As for now I'm stocked up on orange juice, crackers.

I can not wait till summer and hopefully we will have a summer -free sickness. Let's cross our fingers!

Happy Blogging,